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We will pick up our best top 5 games, animations and songs for you!
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    Create your Platinum Hearted Fighter in our new Section in the Forum! Defeat your opponent, gain Honor Points for your Fighter and be the most Honorable Fighter on Thirst!®
    Make your own Faction and gather an army of 11 Fighters and compete against other Factions! Choose between the Green(Eastern) Territory or the Red(Western) Territory!

    Every 6 months there will be a huge event where all Fighters will compete each other by our selected opponents!
    Views: 135 | Added by: Zeero | Date: 16/06/14 | Comments (0)

    Be a member of the maintenance team to receive Silver Points! Repair threads, remove or move threads to a different section of the forum!
    VIP Spots Open!
    2 VIP spots are open now!
    Views: 127 | Added by: Zeero | Date: 14/06/14 | Comments (0)

    Be VIP or a VIP+ by collecting 250TPs or 500TPs respectively. Send your request to me once you've collected 250TPs(VIP) or 500TPs(VIP+).
    Attachments: Image 1
    Views: 150 | Added by: Zeero | Date: 14/06/14 | Comments (0)

    We got loads of Thirst!® Codes for you! But do you know how much you will get from it?
    Visit our Thirst Counter to know your value of the codes you will receive!
    Views: 157 | Added by: Zeero | Date: 10/06/14 | Comments (0)

    Codes are now available for Facebook users. They can also receive awards!
    Views: 156 | Added by: Zeero | Date: 10/06/14 | Comments (0)

    Here's our TOP 5 thesecession Songs. From 5-1: 5. Shoot and Kill. 4. Wicked Prevail. 3. Rise of Martyrs. 2.Burn it All. 1. We Made This War. Agree with our Thirsty List? Leave a comment below and see if you want us to do another TOP 5!
    Category: Thirsty TOP 5! | Views: 208 | Added by: Zeero | Date: 09/06/14 | Comments (2)

    The usual amount of Thirst Points are 15 Points, now, we tripled the amount to 45 Thirst Points! We will give the redeem code in on our Token Counter Section forum.
    Views: 122 | Added by: Zeero | Date: 07/06/14 | Comments (0)

    Team Stride is recruiting Minecraft Builders! Join them now by PM me on How to Join? Send a screenshot of your masterpiece to us. Tell us your username. It's just that simple! Join Team Stride to gain 25 Thirst Tokens on Thirst For Games!
    Views: 98 | Added by: Zeero | Date: 07/06/14 | Comments (0)

    If this is your first time, visiting Thirst For Games, please read the rules below. Rules: 1. Respect each other in this website. 2. You may speak in different languages but please translate it. Example: Kinsa man pangalan mo? Trans: What's your name? 3. Never post any comments with dirty words, if you wish to do so, do it like this; f*** 4. If you make any posts that offends religion, containing 18+ content or offends other users. You will be BANNED.
    Views: 132 | Added by: Zeero | Date: 06/06/14

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