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    The explanation in the ThirstyPedia are just the early concept of Thirst Points. So, Thirst Points a.k.a TP are the users Points in achieving something, such as getting an award, rank up or winning Thirst Codes by Lottery or competitions in the Forum! Thirst Points are worth 10-250TPs. The more you get, the better chances of winning Thirst Golds, a special point which allows you to be in the VIP class.

    This is question is always asked. Ok, Thirst!® is a place where you can play games, chat or animate stickfigure! We have a lot of events coming up soon on Thirst!®.

    VIP features:
    Can post replies in closed forums
    Can upload new entries to the Online Games section
    Adding new files to the File Catalog
    No security codes(captcha) needed
    Receives a total of 2TG(Golds)
    VIP+ features:
    Includes all of the above
    Receives 5TGs upon entering VIP+

    Thirst!® is partner of Bomber Clan Ltd.
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